I started trimming hooves in 2014, just my herd of five horses, at first, partly because I couldn’t afford to pay a trimmer as often as they needed trimming, but not least because my trimmer at the time, Blaine St. Peter (Owl Canyon Hoof Care and Rehabilitation), had gotten me interested by talking to me about what he was doing and answering all my (increasingly many) questions. He also pointed me in the direction of good hoof trimming education resources, and, once I started trimming my horses on my own, he kept an eye on my trims. In any case, before long I was hooked on learning as much as I could about horses’ feet, studying hoof form and function, the particulars of trimming, and the science behind why we do what we do to help horses grow and maintain healthy hooves.

For the first couple of years, I mainly studied Pete Ramey’s DVDs, articles. and books, and in 2016, I began my more formal hoof care training when I attended the Liberated Horsemanship Gateway Clinic. In addition to these first two main influences, I have investigated a good number of the many barefoot hoof trimming approaches out there, as well as equine nutrition and various bodywork and healing modalities.

In January of 2018 I joined up with Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) and enrolled in their certification program. Since then I have met and mentored with a number of highly skilled and experienced PHCP trimmers and attended several PHCP clinics and webinars.

I continue to further my education in a variety of contexts, such as live clinics, online courses, webinars, conferences, and PHCP mentorships.

I’m grateful to all my teachers, past and present, formal and informal, and to the horses, always, no less my teachers than any human ones.

My Education

  • Foal Trimming and Handling Webinar (upcoming, February 2020)
  • Donkey Handling, Psychology, and Trimming Webinar (Jan. 18&19 2020)
  • PHCP Mentorship November 2019
  • Pete Ramey Clinic, September 2019
  • PHCP: Founder/Laminitis Webinar with Jeannean Gunder Mercuri, PHCP Practitioner and Instructor (2019)
  • The Smart Way to Feed Horses, Advanced, Carol Layton Webinar (2019)
  • Nutrition as Therapy, Eleanor Kellon Online Course (2019)
  • Arthritis and Other Lameness, Eleanor Kellon Online Course (2019)
  • PHCP Conference (2018)
  • PHCP Clinic: Booting, Casting, & Anatomy (2018)
  • PHCP Mentorships (2018)
  • Teeth for More than Just Eating, Dental Webinar, Kari Mesec (2018)
  • PHCP Membership & Certification Course Enrollment (2018)
  • Liberated Horsemanship Gateway Clinic (2016)
  • The Smart Way to Feed Horses, Carol Layton, Webinar (2018)
  • Beginning Reading Radiographs, Eleanor Kellon, Online Course (2018)
  • Energy Healing for Animals, Joan Ranquet, Online Course (2017)
  • NRCPlus, Eleanor Kellon, Online Course (2016)
  • Pete Ramey DVDs (2013-present)